New Ruby Gem: AWS-SES

I’ve release a new gem: aws-ses.  This gem provides a ruby wrapper to accessing Amazon SES, allowing for you to easily send e-mail, verify e-mail addresses, and monitor your SES activity.

It’s still very new (give me a break, SES was announced yesterday!!), but I plan to get the functionality down solid and continue to support it.  Of course feedback, help, and patches would be greatly appreciated!

4 thoughts on “New Ruby Gem: AWS-SES”

  1. Is there a way to use Notifier type templates so that we can replace variables within email body? Right now, there is an ugly way to read the template into variable and then try to replace the variables

    I am a newbie trying to use aws-ses, which is great by the way!


  2. Drew,

    Excellent Gem. Just started playing with it.

    One thing I did run across: In your readme.rdoc and the comments in the info.rb file state that the command to find the last 24 hours of sent emails is response.send_last_24_hours but in your code, it is actually response.sent_last_24_hours with a “t”, not a “d”.

    Keep up the good work.

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