RailsConf 2008 – Friday Afternoon Summary

The afternoon was pretty crazy and I didn’t have a lot of time to take detailed notes. Luckily, the presenters will be posting their slides for all to see. What I have instead are just personal comments on what I found throughout the day:


I met up with Brian from FiveRuns, who I got to know quite well at RubyConf last year. He introduced me to the new application that they just released yesterday called TuneUp. It is a Rails plugin that does development analysis on your pages to let you quickly find any glaring performance mistakes you may make while coding. It also looks to have a neat function that will let you upload a performance analysis for all to see (and hopefully people will help you fix). You can bet I’ll be blogging in detail about the app when I have a chance to review it in detail

Crud is not spelled with an ‘S’

Steve Midgley

I won’t go into much detail on Steve’s talk. It was pretty decent, but he was only able to get through half of it. It had good content and actual code to work with. Steve was nice enough to post his detailed slides at http://misuse.org/science so I won’t put bullet points here, especially since he only got through about half the presentation. If you’ve got the time, it’s certainly with it to read his slides.

Flexible Scaling
TJ Murphy

TJ is the creator of Warbook, a facebook based game written in Ruby on Rails. His talk starts by discussing the pains he went through.

He talked about moving from being a developer to being a sysadmin as he worked to scale his application. Several notes really hit home as I’ve experienced them as well when scaling with Rails. TJ basically said that when first starting with sysadmin-ing, he’d boot up an EC2 instance and would just google for everything he needed to do until things worked. A very familiar sentiment indeed.

He also gave a lot of info about how he sets up his stack and partitions different services to different instances. Much have what he said directly conflicted with the earlier EngineYard presentation. Overall, I’d have to say I agreed more with the approach and stack management style that TJ presented as opposed to EngineYard, but both methods are valid and will work for someone looking to scale.

TJ also noted that he’ll be posting his talk and notes, however, I don’t have a link for it.

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